Cloud computing means using software that is hosted online. The word 'cloud' stands for the network of connected computers. The end user determines the size of this network. All kinds of data (e-mail, files) can be saved online. By using online software, there is no longer the need for any servers. This means a noticable decrease of weight on the IT-infrastructure of a company.


  • Reliable infrastructure: You no longer need any servers. These are vulnarable and sensitive for crashes. With Cloud Computing, your software is hosted centrally. You can access it anywhere, anytime.
  • Scalable: Is your company growing fast? The cloud grows with you. An extra account is arranged in no-time.
  • Environmental friendly: Cloud applications are hosted in modern data centers. These are way less service- and CO2 intensive than internal servers on-site.
  • Better cooperation: You can share and edit files in real-time. It's not necessary to mail different file versions over and over again; Everyone always has the latest version. On top of that, you can always reach your collegues whenever you need them: chat, mail or start a video conversation.
  • Accessible anywhere: You can access cloud applications on any location with internet access. Even if you're on the other side of the globe, you can still log on and manage your files, mail etc. immediately.
  • Pay for what you use: It's common use in the cloud to pay for what you actually use. You won't have to pay for 200 users if you in fact have only 50 employees. You don't need a certain function? You won't have to pay for it. This makes you expenses predictable.
  • Save on staff: Cloud providers deliver patches and updates for your software. Your IT-staff won't have to do this. This way you are always working with the latest functions and security updates. You will save big money on your IT-department.
  • Always a backup available: How many times have you made a backup of your company's files this year? If your server crashes right now, in what state would your organisation be? You don't have to worry about this when you're working in the cloud. Even better, if one of your employees encouters a computer crash, he can continue working on a different station without any loss of data!
  • Adjust things immediatly: Are you in need of a CRM? You can start adding your first leads in a matter of seconds. Yes, it is that simple.
  • Frequently Asked Questiones

    I'd rather have my data stored on-site. Isn't this safer than online?

    Envoya only offers applications from experienced and proven cloud providers that store your data strongly encrypted in modern, highly secured datacenters. Moreover, you always have full control over your own data. These won't be used for different purposes. And it says just that in the contracts we make.

    Isn't it very expensive to step into the cloud? Why would it be worth it?

    Cloud applications have very low implementation costs. On top of that, you pay per month for what you use, you no longer need expensive servers with high maintanance, and you can save on your IT-staff. Your monthly expenses will almost always be less than what your are paying now. Let us make you a quote or an on-site Cloud Scan to find out how much you can save.

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